Friday, September 6, 2013

O for healing

From childhood, we are taught to love. Love thy neighbors, love your parents, love your friends, your family, your pets; well what not? Going by that simple reasoning, we all hope to love. And most certainly, be loved. Marriages are merely a ceremony that, in some sense, officiates this love between two individuals.Why should one be denied the chance to love someone who they think could be 'the one'? Why put a tag on this and say it is against nature?

Things may well have been so way back in history. So be it. But times have changed, haven't they? Cultures have evolved; societies have evolved; humans have evolved - so why not evolve our magnanimity? A mere acceptance of 'so called deviation from what has been deemed normal' - I do understand that it is hard. True, it really is.  But a trial wouldn't hurt, would it?

Every individual, man or woman, certainly has the right to choose whom he/she wants to love, make love to, spend time with, spend a life with. Indeed, as a human, that's perhaps the most fundamental right any person is entitled to. If a man wants to be with another man, that's his personal preference. If a woman wants to say 'I do' to another woman, that is her individual choice. If a person so believes that his 'given gender' isn't really what it is, that is his/her belief.

I believe that the confrontation arises when individuals want to deviate from what has been taught to be normal; what has been said is right. Again, who are we to deny them this 'deviation'? Who really bestowed this 'I have the right to reject' notion? If that is the case, the other person well has the 'right to reject your rejection' - well that's a chain, much like Rachel and Phoebe asking Joey if Monica and Chandler 'know that we know they know we know' (I had to bring in atleast one F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference). Again, even in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Carol and Susanne were a lesbian couple after all, and the six of them seemed totally ok with it.

One may go on to argue that we, as a society, have a lot more to worry about, a lot to care about and acceptance of homosexuality is perhaps not so important. Maybe. But, just think about it. All these minorities ask is a small step towards a bigger good. Is that so hard? Don't we, the society, owe it to our fellow humans this small step? A step to be more inclusive, where one can, quite simply, love who they want?

Think about it.

The color O portrays healing

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