Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Of Mavadu among others

I am a die hard fanatic of Mavadu pickle. The slightly sour, but much spicy pickle that is a delicacy among most TamBrahms, is something to crave for, big time. And I always do.

Src : Mavadu
I vividly recall my grandmother meticulously making a jar full of mavadu each year just so that I am happy. Back when she used to walk around much more, the two of us would go to the shop, handpick the raw mavadu, go to supermarkets nearby to buy the other ingredients just for this, even though everything would already be at home. But no, mavadu is always special. Once back home, she would set to work, and make the pickle with such dedication that I cannot remember a single time when it went even a bit out of taste. No, it was just perfection each year. We would always ensure that the stock lasts for atleast a good six months. The six month period is mainly so that we build up our craving over the other six months.

Src : Mavadu
The taste - well, it cannot be explained at all. Curd rice and mavadu - the combo is the best and nothing can match upto it (maybe curd rice and mangoes to an extent, but not much of a competition). The beauty of it is when you take the very first bite and a sensation just hits you right in the brain momentarily. The feeling is just absolute bliss. One has to experience it first hand to understand what it feels like

Why do I write so much about mavadu, you may wonder. Well, grandmom has just sent an entire jar of tasty delicious mavadu here to Singapore. So, well, you know the rest right?