Saturday, December 29, 2012

So long, sister

For no fault of yours, you so badly suffered.
For no good deed, you gained so many siblings

Brutally slaughtered, you had to undergo so much hardship.
To satisfy the barbaric desires of a few monsters, you paid a price.

With your suffering, a bunch of morons called women names.
Dented and painted, one called out

What nation is this, that cannot protect its own children
What country is this, that passes on the buck (each time)

And then you were airlifted, in the hope you would survive
You fought hard, at home and abroad

Yet, God wishes otherwise; he took your life away
Is it so that you can reclaim your dignity; pass on to peace?

Sorry sister, you deserved much more
With your absence, you gave us a cause.

So long!
Rest in Peace

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Orchard Christmas

So, three years back, I was in Europe around Christmas. It so happened that on Christmas day, I was in Vatican. And I got to see the Pope. Although I practice a different religion, it was really a wonderful experience to actually see the religious head of one of the largest religions in the world. And I thought that was the best Christmas in many years to come. Until two days back.

Orchard Road in Singapore is one famous two kilometer stretch, that is just filled with innumerable number of malls.

Literally, a person would need atleast one day to walk through each mall. All the world famous brands including Prada, Louis Vuitton and many many more find base there. And you go there late nights, it is famous for the oldest practiced occupation of the world (any guesses there?) And the road was filled with beautifully decorated Christmas trees every few yards. I've never seen such mind blowing decorations

See the lighting in the picture below. That's how the road is lit up all along the stretch. Some places are even more grand.

Fountains colored beautifully, it adds beauty to the whole scene.

So, these decorations are just a part of the grandeur. There's much more along the entire stretch and each of it is an absolute visual treat.

Remember our very own Ranganathan Street and how crowded it is. Well, not surprisingly, Orchard Road on Christmas eve was just like that. To cap it all, everyone of them had foam bottles in their hands, and by the end of it all, we were just soaked in foam every bit of the body.

The best part of course, was the dressing up of all the gorgeous women, richly colored clothing, a little too much revelation than necessary and the fact that they didn't really care about what they revealed. My my !! It could last one a lifetime.

If Christmas was such, I wonder how New Year's eve would be.

Disclaimer : All the pictures have been taken on my handphone camera.