Friday, September 14, 2012

The Stopover - a photo fiction

When I received a mail from one Deepa a few days ago, asking me to have a look at some link she had provided, I was mildly surprised. To be honest, I did indeed think this was some spam mail (although it had seated itself in my inbox mysteriously). Just to be sure, I replied back asking how Deepa came across my mail. That's when I realized the true value of blogging. Indeed, Deepa had stumbled across my blog.

What was this link (and an attachment as well) all about?

Deepa and her friend, one Ram are writing a book. This may sound rather normal. But the beauty of it is their concept of photo fiction. Yep, stories complemented by photos.

Deepa had mailed me a few sample pages along with the photos. I must say, it was bloody brilliant !

The photos were just breath-taking. I believe Ram is the photographer. He sure knows what he is doing. Every single photo was captured perfectly. The best part, although, was each picture was placed very aptly. The relevance of the photo and the story in progress was just too good.

As for the stories themselves, the choice of vocabulary, the narration skills, the flow of content - everything was highly seasoned.

I believe there is more than one story in the book. Although I have read excerpts from one of the story, I am eagerly waiting for rest of that story and the others as well

Overall, the concept seems to be too good and it sure is my hunch that this might emerge way too victorious.

I sincerely wish Deepa & her friend Ram all luck in this journey and hope they emerge successful.

Link to their webpage : The Stopover Book
Facebook Page :

PS : I am back to active blogging again, after a month long break