Saturday, May 30, 2009

Delhi... here i com

Hey ppl... I am off to delhi on the 2nd .... will b der for almost 20 odd days i guess... doin a small training in my aunt's company - Areva... and once tats over... i ll b freaking out a lot i hope... goin der wid a lotta expectations after 2 yrs... n de best thing is dad agreed to one way flight n return in a/c train... tats surprising.. wonder wat he thought.. mayb tat his son would seriously involve himself in the training... if tats wat is in his mind, i seriously doubt if tat ll come true... lets accept the fact.. but for the records, let it be so!! anyways hope i hv loadsa fun der...

Friday, May 29, 2009

those final moments......

there maybe many important moments in a person's life.. yet one such moment any person wud like to cherish is wen they complete college... n more so if u were in d hostel.. the other day, most of my seniors (who went on to become very good frds) left the coll n hostel forever, having completed their course. it turned out to be a very emotional moment for all of us present there.. they packed their stuff one final time before vacating their hostels.. d expression of every single one.. it really brought tears to all of us as well... v ppl got acquainted only a couple o months bak but became very close in this short period... v got to understand each one of them very well n d usual rift between seniors n juniors didnt exist in our case... v were able to relate to how they felt, considering the fact tat v wud b in d same position next yr this time... my best wishes to all those seniors who have now entered d real world with a lotta expectations...

here is the link for the sastra fotohub presentation-reflections... a tribute to all the seniors..

Time flies faster than an airbus a380

I dunno if an airbus a380 is fast enough.. but time definitely is... it seems as if it were yesterday that i joined sastra university for my degree, but I am already in the final yr... gosh how can this be ???

this is a time for all of us to worry about wat v r gonna do next.. a situation which v all were in, 3 yrs back.. no wonder they say history repeats itself.... its now a question of gre,gmat,cat,gate etc.. by now, most of us wud hv booked our gre dates - mine is aug 17...

watever it is, i just wanna say tat der will def be somethin in store for every individual. it is just the matter of finding out what it is... lets hope that all of us catch hold of watever v r destined for.. all the best guys!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Elections 2009

The elections to the 15th Lok Sabha have been completed and it is decided that the Congress Party will be forming the government once again. Frankly this came as a very big surprise to me. I was of the opinion that either the BJP would get a clear majority (or) there would be a hung parliament, with a lot of horse trading involved. However, the Congress president has proved all her critics wrong and paved way for another term for the Manmohan Singh government. This is indeed a mammoth achievement to her credit. Yet, I am not at all satisfied with the results.

I am a strong supporter of the BJP, even though they have been projected as being communal, which in my opinion is a big farce. No doubt they were involved in issues like Babri Masjid demolition, but they can be given a second chance. Yet, the verdict of the people has to be accepted and so I indeed look forward to the next five years under the Congress. But I am happy in one way. The Left parties will not be involved in the government formation, which is very good for the country. The government can now take forward its reform measures without any hazzles from the Left. This is of paramount importance, owing to the recession phase that is going on right now. So let us wait and watch as to what is in store for us.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It all begins here...

I have always wondered what purpose is achieved thru such blogs. I simply couldnt see what was the point of this whole thing. In my opinion, blogs are a total waste of time. But then, I happened to see the blog of one of my friends and there was a post titled "Are we really independent". It showed a picture of Nehru hoisting the National Flag at the Red Fort. That picture was followed by one showing Vajpayee hoisting the flag. The difference lied in the amount of security surrounding the PM while he hoisted the flag there. The text content that followed it changed my opinion about blogs and I think I have understood how powerful a medium it is. This made me wonder why not I create my own blog. So here I am. I hope to feed in as much useful stuff as possible. I request you people to give me suggestions on how to improve the same.