Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In any city, (dont) be an Indian

Ok, the other day, the Gujju society here in Singapore had organized an open house Dandiya night event. You know how it is, at these functions right? There are generally five kinds at any such function :

1. The older women, dressed up in the most weird coloured salwars dance to some random Gujju song (well, by dance, I only mean shake their hands with a big gleeful smile (which doesn't always show the teeth, quite simply because they are not there))
2. The middle aged uncles and aunties revealing more than what they ought to (adei, I meant the dance skills);
3. The Settu figures who dance with their male companions (with the age old theory of sema figure with some mokka guy always coming true)
4. The others who cannot dance for nuts
5. The rest, like me, who come there just to do their duty (eat, bird watch, eat and bird watch)

Well actually, I belong to both 4 and 5.

So, here's what happened. My friend and I were busy doing our thing. The caterers served the most yummy (atleast after coming to Singapore) paav bhaaji and gulab jamun (which reminds me of the college canteen). So we were there, minding our own business. My friend finished his two dishes and I turned around, so that he didn't delve into mine. He was just about to wash his hands over the grass (the typical desi style) when I stopped him and gave a bit of gyan about how not to dirty the spot, which is so typical of Indians. Surprisingly, he actually thought it was right too and washed his hand into the box of food. Well, that was ok I suppose.

That's when it happened.

This really well dressed mid-twenties guy, who looked fairly educated and neat (well, appearances are almost always deceptive) goes desi. He washed his hands over the very same spot. What's more, he goggled his mouth with some water and spit it on the ground. I was like, "What the hell" ? But this guy didn't really seem to care.

We Indians always comment that we are not given due respect when abroad and that the foreigners look down upon us. Well, why wouldn't they, when you do such things? That too in Singapore, where caning is still legal. Just because you are in the midst of your clan (rather, herd), you behave this way? EKSI

What's even worse was, when we were leaving, I just turned around and had a look at the venue and its surroundings. What did I see? I needn't answer that.

Come on guys, don't pass the buck on to others. Do it yourself. Rather, don't do it, yourself !

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What to do with money

So, its been a while since I wrote anything. There are a few reasons for this, but two important reasons :
1. Studies, being a Masters student, is a little hectic (though my Facebook followers would say otherwise)
2. I am still a little awestruck by the brilliance of Singapore.

Some of us (well atleast the ones to whom money is not a problem, more so with spending it) quite simply lose track of ways to spend money, after sometime. We run out of ideas right?

But these Singaporeans wouldn't agree. They just come up with every unimaginable way in which they can spend all the money. Consider this, taxes are fairly low here. An average S'porean spends a big chunk of money on rent (and trust me when I say this, it is bloody high). Apart from that, expenditure is fairly limited. The government has tons and tons of money under its fold. Naturally, this certainly paves way for innovation in terms of spending. The result - sheer brilliance.

Look at the picture above. That tall structure is called Marina Bay Sands. A casino-cum-resort, this building is one of the prides of Singapore. An infinity pool at the very top, where you can swim at the very edge. That's one thing I am yet to try out (well, to go up costs a hell lot too)

Can you imagine that this boating is actually located inside the resort, that too underground? I mean, UNDERGROUND. One can only wonder how much these guys spent.

And that's the skyline. Tall buildings stacked up right next to one another, I wonder how these guys actually built it up. All the leading banks of the world have a building to their credit here. The tallest perhaps, is Singapore's own DBS Bank.

Oh, recently there was a Harry Potter exhibition (all the buffs out there, you missed it), where every small thing used in the movies was displayed, including the good old Ford Anglia used by the Weasleys.

Oh, and the country takes huge pride of its National Day. It is celebrated with such fanfare, you would naturally go awww ! Check this picture below :

Yes, that's the country's flag being flown by the helicopters. Well, I certainly haven't seen anything like this before.

The National Day fireworks begin. (Mind you, it went on for more than an hour)

What I am trying to say here is that, look at what they've done with all the money. This, considering Singapore is a country which relies on imports for its very sustenance, but plays a crucial role in the world economy no doubt.

And so, my life goes in Singapore. More pictures and a lot more experiences are to follow.