Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Top 10 tamizh movies I love watching again and again

Reading through Sowmya's post here has certainly made me want to come up with my own list of all time favorite movies. But when I was thinking through this, I just realized that I would have to start the list only from number 4. The first three are by default and I seriously doubt if that would ever change. That said, let me delve into the list straight away.

1. Hey Ram
I can say without doubt that only Kamal Hassan can come up with such legendary stuff. Even that is too soft a term to describe the sheer magnitude and phenomenon of this movie. The problem with him - which has been reiterated too many times - is that he thinks way too ahead of time. I still remember calling up a friend when the movie released (when I was in my 8th) and could only talk of all the intimacy between Kamal & Rani Mukherjee (well, at that time, that was all went into my mind). But later, with maturity, when I watched the movie, it just blew me over, completely.

2. Virumaandi
To describe such a movie is just way out of my league. But the one thing that stood out, for me atleast, was how the camera was positioned when the two versions unfurled - sheer brilliance. Exploring such a sensitive topic sure is very difficult and we can all remember the controversies that ensued back then  - especially with the name Sandiyar. Again, only Kamal Hassan can create such magic.

3. Anbe Sivam
Another movie, that I have no idea how many times I have watched. Yet, every time, certain scenes give you complete goosebumps and at the end of it, you can be assured to have those few tears streaming down the eyes. Most of us have been in A Ars's position and sure must have come across a Nallathambi. Well, atleast, I sure have.

4. Mouna Raagam
One of the best works of Mani Ratnam undoubtedly. Certainly, the best feel good movie I have watched. No one can forget the now very famous "Mr. Chandramouli" calls. Or, Revathi's absolutely stunning acting when her husband is injured. Classic of all time indeed.

5. Iruvar
Again, only Mani Ratnam can do this. Portraying a saga of Tamil politics, without naming a single person or party, when everyone know who it refers to, yet no one dare question it - and being able to pull of such marvel - I cannot judge who was the better actor of the two - Mohanlal or Prakash Raj. But I guess it doesn't matter

6. Thalapathi
Thalaivar's classic. What brilliant acting and a great portrayal of so many things. Even today, when this movie is screened on TV, it goes without saying, that I would drop anything I am doing and sit in front of it and watch the brilliance unfold.

7. Kadhalikka Neramillai
Only one thing can be said about this movie - Nagesh. It is a fortune that he stumbled across our industry. We sure owe this man a lot. He redefined an entire saga of tamil industry. The stunning acting, the brilliant sense of delivery - only he can do it (Here, I must add that his other classics like Edhir Neechal, Server Sundaram, Bama Vijayam etc. all stand equally tall)

8. Thiruvilayadal
The legendary movie of the legendary actor. People may say Sivaji overacts. Let me not get into that, but this movie - a true gem. PERIOD.

9. Manmadha Leelai
KB's one of many masterpieces no doubt. How can an issue like this be handled in the most delicate way possible, only KB himself can answer it. He is one director who can never be unparalleled. RESPECT

10. Sigappu Rojakkal
Sridevi at her stunningly great looking best. And Kamal - well, no comments there. What a dark theme and how wonderfully portrayed.

Having said this much, I only feel sad that the cine industry has moved on to a place where any crap can sell. How much lower can we stoop down, at times. Yet, with many recent movies like KSY, V.En 18/9 and the likes, I do have a tiny hope that movies with a difference would hopefully do well, in the coming times.

PS : This list is not exhaustive. I just need more time to update it. Hope to, soon enough