Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kasab's death : Dedicated to all the brave police officers who saved the nation

Death is death. There are no differences to it. No tags can be attached. Be it one of the most popular Prime Ministers killed by a bunch of linguistic fanatics, or innocent citizens of a nation's financial capital, it is still the same. So why must a terrorist being hanged until death for a heinous crime be treated any different?

After Kasab's death today, I see a lot of people broach up the topic of death sentence once again and try to figure out a stand. Some friends who, I am sure, are hell bent against death sentence are hailing the killing of Kasab. I ask them how such a stand is possible, and they comfortably reply 'there are always exceptions'. Well, I don't agree. When it comes to the life of a person, there can be no exceptions. Its either whole or none. Support it or oppose it. No selective support of any kind.

I, for one, certainly support death sentences. It is purely my opinion that people who oppose it (or in such cases, selectively oppose it) in the name of human rights, and Gandhi's very own 'an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind', are actually fooling themselves. And trust me, you guys would never know the pain a victim goes through, unless you actually witness it first hand. I wonder if you'd stick to your Gandhian philosophy then. Probably not.

Kasab was one of the ten terrorists who took out to wipe out a part of our nation. His misfortune, he was caught alive. In his case, the law has only done what it is supposed to. Those who mock the Government for waiting for four years, please let it rest. Be happy that you are part of a democracy where even the nation's "enemy" is given a fair trial. If it takes four years, well so what? In some sense, justice has been served right?

To those braveheart social network addicts who post things like 'ROT IN HELL' and such shit, get a life guys. Don't merely mark your attendance on the social networks through such cheap posts. Think of all the pain those police officers' families are still undergoing. Empathize with them, that's important. Not you goddamn "present sir" on Facebook and twitter.

I am sure Arnab Goswami, Sagarika Ghose, Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt and all those pseudo journalists are making out special segments. Please do not give us your crap this time. Don't project Kasab as the epitome of terrorism. Remember, this ain't the end.

There could well be terrorists plotting their next attack on the nation. What we need to do now, is wake up to reality. Laws like POTA need to be brought back to tackle with complex issues. The Government is at a moral responsibility to assure its citizens that they are there to take care. And my dear fellow citizens, for once, appreciate the Government for what it has done, and show your solidarity and support to the families of those brave policemen who lost their lives saving us.