Thursday, March 29, 2012

Resolution against Srilanka in UNHRC - What it really means to us

Well, I have been meaning to write about this for a week now, especially after our silent Prime Minister's letter to the Srilankan President, following India's support of the resolution (voting against our neighbour essentially) , and how he tried to create an image of nothingness. What does this really mean?

Our Government's initial and well justified stand was - we don't usually support any resolution targeting a particular nation. Well, that is true indeed. However, bowing down to political pressure from the state parties, especially for the support it requires from the DMK to sustain its power in Delhi, the Government decided to support the resolution.

First of all, what does this resolution even say? Not many people seem to be aware of it. Two important points I came across :
1. Enquiry into human rights violation should be conducted by Srilanka in a fair manner
2. Recommendations of the Welfare Committee inSrilanka have to be implemented under the technological help from the UN Human Rights Council.

Well, left to the original draft, this seems fine. But no. How would India allow it? Shouldn't it have a say (a sorry one at that) in this, so that this can be used during elections to garner some votes. Well, we did come up with the most lamest of recommendations - Any help undertaken by the UNHRC must have Srilanka's nod. How much lame can we get, more than this ! Shame on us.

The sad thing is, both the Prime Minister and most political parties down south hail this as some sort of a victory. Well, victory over what, I ask. Can you get any further dumb?

Another interesting point to be noted. The phrase 'war crime', as far as I know, doesn't seem to feature anywhere in the resolution. So, ultimately, what did we achieve? I don't get it. Or, am I missing something here? A picture was framed as if Srilanka had done something unpardonable for the entire UNHRC membership to move a resolution against it. Our so-called leaders hailed it a moral victory. The two chief parties of Tamil Nadu tried to claim it their own victory. Srilanka made a hue and cry that we offended them. The Prime Minister writes an apology letter to the Srilankan President, trying to explain why we voted against them. All this - for nothing; over nothing.

The resolution, by itself, didn't seem to achieve anything. For one, there is no mention of any timeframe before which these enquiries have to be made. For another, what of any concerns the Tamil people of Srilanka might have and what if their Government turned deaf to it. The resolution has no answer to that as well.

So what, ultimately ! We make a fool of ourselves, yet again. That seems to be the final result ! Hail our Govermentl Hail its Governance.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cheers to Life

A poem penned down on the 28th of Feb, when salary was credited and I was down with a very bad fever :

As I sit here, fever shooting up

Mind yearning for a steaming cup

I cannot, but wonder what life is this

Only to think it used to be bliss

Gone are those days, weekends spent out and out

Oh the countless times, when we had nightout(s)

If all is gone to do this work

I so want to rip life with fork

Oh how badly I want to weep

Wait, the phone goes beep beep

Yes, I got it – the much awaited salary

No one’s around to see me go merry

Mind suddenly active, all plans right

Bengaluru awaits me in a fortnight

Oh forget it, forget this strife

I am happy, ‘Cheers to life’

Friday, March 23, 2012

When Cupid threw a hammer

He was Jack; his beautiful wife Jill
And their sweet kids Norah and Will.

Life was good; indeed was smooth
Why wouldn’t it, he was there to soothe
Two beautiful kids; both were pretty
The younger one all the more witty

“Thank You Cupid; for striking your arrow;
Without Jack, life would have been narrow”

All went well, until one dark night
Jack was drunk; his mind not right
Along came a girl, when he wanted to rest
Like a Greek Goddess, beauty at its best

That long night, two became one
Forget the others, they cared for none

News spread around, people did talk
Some, out of curiosity, decided to stalk
Poor Jill, why should she bear the brunt
Not able to hold; she chose to confront

“Of course Jill, I am walking away
This lady here has come to stay”

She was cornered; she was helpless
Without her Jack, life was lifeless
Revenge it is, she wanted to think
Her Jack was heavy; too heavy to sink

“Oh dear Cupid, why should it be me
I am helpless; why can’t you see”

Sweet Little Cupid; with his golden arrow
Wanted to help her; remove her sorrow
Teach him a lesson, I sure will
Without his wife; life is nil

But this was new; indeed the very first
For Cupid to break two lovers’ thirst

What should I do, to bring them apart
It should be discreet, indeed very smart
The arrow not to be used, not for this
What then to use, for it should not miss

“No bow; no arrow and certainly no glamour
Yes, I got it; why not throw a hammer”

Plan formed in his mind, Cupid decided to act
Handle it with care; indeed with added tact
With the first discord, he had to play it low
But as it so happened; it was the final blow

“Too brittle, these lovers sure are
How did it last, for times so far”

Back to senses, Jack saw his mistake
Also realizing how much he left at stake
What luck it was; that a loving wife he had
To leave her and walk, was his own bad

“Forgive me Jill, I don’t understand how
But it will always be you, the one I truly love”

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chennai Roof Top Film Festival

Sometimes, certain things people do, however trivial they might be tends to leave somewhat of an impact on you. This is more, if that thing turns out to be one-of-the-many-things you are passionate about. At other times, this might inspire you in a positive way ! That said, let me revive my blog with one-of-the-many-firsts I witnessed the last weekend - Chennai Roof Top Film Festival (

I first came across this weird acronym RTFF on a friend's FB wall, sometime last month. Clicking on it turned out to be quite a surprise. I never thought for a minute, something like this were remotely possible. But looking through the page, I realized that this bunch of film buffs have actually made it possible. Imagine bringing together a bunch of strangers under a roof ! I don't think I would ever be capable of it. But these guys were. Impressed !

I immediately joined the Google Groups. As luck would have it, registrations for Feb's edition of the festival opened up the very next day. As ill-luck would have it, by the time I checked my mails, the registration was closed. Damn ! I sent out a mail to one of those guys, who was polite enough to give some bull-shit, very decently ! Well, that's what I thought then. Later, I realized I was mistaken (more on that, probably sometime later)

Not wanting to miss out this month, from the moment I received a mail about the registrations-soon-to-be-open, my gmail was open almost round the clock. The moment it did, I was through to the ticketnew site & got myself registered for March's edition.

Now, this friend of mine who gave me the lead to RTFF told me just one thing : On Saturday, sleep as much as possible during the day. I did. Slept through most of Saturday. By around 8, I was ready for the night-out. But we got delayed owing to traffic and made it to the venue at 9.30 on dot ! Luckily, nothing had started (well, I was not surprised about that, being a proud Indian)

Beds, pillows, blankets - man these guys seemed to have gone into a great deal of trouble to get everything in place. So much for the love of movies. Impressed, again.

Soon, things fell into place & the evening started off with screening of the short film Kadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Eppadi. Following this, the director Balaji himself made an entry & had a very honest-cum-open discussion with us, patiently, yet a bit lengthily answering the questions thrown.

The actual screening of movies started following this. Four movies went well into the night & the following morning :
- Before Sunrise
- Say Anything
- Like Crazy
- True Romance

The interesting part was the discussions that ensued between movies. Although I did not contribute a single view (frankly, too lazy), some of the points conveyed were indeed sensible, if I might say so !

Enough of the night. Let me just say a few things about this whole experience.

Firstly, I really appreciate these bunch of fellas for bringing up such an idea. That, by itself, has to be wow-ed. All this pain, just for being crazy movie-fans !

Secondly, I must say this whole idea of curating seems different. Though democracy seems to be the order, I can think of it more as pseudo - dictatorship. But given the fact that the turn out is rather huge (this time having been scaled up to roughly 200, according to them), this certainly is necessary. But I wonder how many people would actually understand this

Third, it beats me how the large turnout was handled without any hitch ! Everything seemed to be worked out well, without hazzles. Even the Appy !

The best of all, when Sudhish Kamath actually requested the crowd to help out with cleaning the place, they actually did. That is so not us right? Well, glad !

Looking forward to the next edition - Mid summer night musical ! Hopefully, I register on time.

Oh and by the way, it might sound a little I-don't-know-what-may-be-trying-to-impress sorts that I write all this after just one time at the RTFF, but no. Two reasons -
1. Read the first few lines of the post
2. Lets face it, whom am I actually going to impress?


Ok, its high time I revive my otherwise dormant blog ! Its been close to 3 years since I posted anything here for various reasons.

But the one main reason I could think of was, me using what is called InfyBlogs, the internal blog in my office. I have crossed 200 odd posts there and it sure has given me some really wonderful friends, I must admit !

The blogs there, though restricted in what is being posted (company policy, they term it), sure is fun. And thought provoking at times. It inspired me to write my first ever story, which actually turned out to be a 30+ chapter series.

People got to know me, I got to know people !! Although I have been blogging there for close to 2 years now, the thought of this blog has always made me feel bad. Everytime I decided to write again, something stopped me.

But this time, I am overcoming this and starting off !

Hope I sustain