Monday, August 26, 2013

What's in a spelling

Inspired by Bragadeesh's post here about the troubles his name gave him, here I am, sharing my (mis)experiences with how my name is spelt.

PRASHANTH - Its as simple as that. 9 characters that's all. Nothing more, nothing less.

But over the years, how has my name transformed? Here goes:

Prasanth (most common)
Prasand (seriously? D?)
Prasath (Oh dear God !!)
Prashant (how much trouble is it to add a H in the end?)
Prasant (yeah, now take away that one H as well)
Prasad (how? Seriously, how?)
Prasan (does that even make sense?)
Prason (yeah, this is heights !!)
Prashan (ah, that's one H back)

Thankfully, my last name is a lot more common, so it has just one variance - Asok (again, the H is left out). I have just one question. What do you have against H? Is it too difficult to even type?

The irony here is, people pronounce it properly. The 'Sh' doesn't become 'S' when pronouncing. Then, why miss out when writing? What did the H do to gain so much of wrath? Poor H !

Please don't leave the H out. That's only my favorite letter of my name.


  1. Seriously...poor H... I've had people writing my name as "Aniesa" or even worse, "Anisa" :(
    I can completely feel your pain...

    Here's hoping everyone begins writing your name as "Prashanth" from now on :D

  2. You're still lucky you don't have Deeptiman for a name, anna! :D

  3. I can relate to... one reason why I dont have Vidhya as name... cant stand a Vidya :(

  4. Aww, I have no such tales. Oh, wait . . . many times, it's Suzanne, Shooshaan, Susaaan, Susssane. Well, I don't much bother. as long as people are making an effort to call me, I guess things are good.

    But Prason for Prashanth is heights!

    Joy always,

  5. You have already seen how the spelling of my name gets battered all the time. :|

  6. You have already seen how the spelling of my name gets battered all the time. :|

  7. Nice post :) Same blood here :( Even I have encountered the same problem.

  8. Nice post :) Even I have encountered the same problem.
    Same blood :(

  9. Okay. Here are the variations my name has

    And worse, the HoD of my dept calls me by my pet name in the class!
    So yes, I do understand how you feel.